2024: AUDITIONS, “12 Incompetent Jurors”- June 2 & 3

Your Casting Summons Awaits!

12 Incompetent Jurors     

by Ian McWethy


Sunday June 2nd & Monday June 3rd

6:30 pm to 9 pm

Freeport Community Library Meeting Room

10 Library Drive, Freeport Maine 04032

When a man is accused of abducting half a dozen cats, it’s a simple open-and-shut case, even for a jury that’s filled with oddballs. Yet, Juror #8, a wannabe lawyer, believes that the “Cat Burglar” is innocent. Will they be able to sway the other jury members? Or will they side with Juror #3, the only sane one in the room? A hilarious parody of 12 Angry Men!

Casting: 12 Actors – 6M and 6W

Director: Linda Duarte** – lindaduartebk@gmail.com

Producers: Johannah DeGrandpre** – johannah683@gmail.com

      Mike Powers** – mkp1151@gmail.com

Show Dates: September 13th and 14th (Friday and Saturday 7pm, potential Sunday Matinee)

                       September 20th and 21st (Friday and Saturday 7pm, potential Sunday Matinee)

Locations: Traveling Show ~ Royal River Community Players Theater (Yarmouth)

                                               ~ Freeport Community Library (Freeport)

                                               ~ Pownal Town Hall (Pownal)

                                               ~ Curtis Memorial Library (Brunswick)

                                               ~ Other Dates and Venues under consideration

Rehearsals: June – August      ~Tuesdays 6-9pm, Thursdays 6-9pm, Sundays 2-6pm

      ~ Detailed calendar schedule and locations of rehearsals to follow

**Contact with any questions or visit our website: http://www.fcponline.org

Join us in bringing theatre to our surrounding communities!

Presented by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc. (Broadway Licensing), New York, NY



Murder at the Pie Auction,  Murder Mystery “Dessert & Snack Theater”  April 19 & 20

Friday was Sold Out!   Saturday was Sold Out!          Thank you all.

Our audiences were happy, and our actors enjoyed the very lively crowds, especially during the pie auction.  We had a great Murder Mystery Dessert Theater, Murder at the Pie Auction, at the First Parish Church Hall (downstairs in the First Parish/Meetinghouse Arts building, 40 Main St., Freeport) on 2 nights, April 19 and 20 at 7 pm.   We served snacks/apps, on the tables when you arrived:  Potato chips and dip; Tortilla chips and salsa; Crudités with ranch;  Turkey, lettuce, and red onion wrap w/ herbed cream cheese;  Ham, lettuce, and cheese wrap w/herbed cream cheese; Spinach, red pepper, and hummus wrap; Pigs in blankets w/ ketchup and mustard.       Homemade desserts (many pies, cakes, cookies, brownies and also Gluten-Free cheesecake and lemon cake …) were served mid-way through the play.   Also coffee.  All food included in the ticket price.  Lots of laughs, and audience participation.  It was a BYOB event.  Cast is below.

 Director: Linda Duarte. Producers: Judy Lloyd & David Wallace  jelloyd68@yahoo.com & david.wallace94@yahoo.com

                                            Murder at the Pie Auction    by Michael Druce

After years of trying unsuccessfully, the small town of Mynute, Alaska, finally lands the famous Mother Mabel’s Pie-Baking Competition — but it was all due to a typo mistaking Mynute for Minot!  The contest looks to be a disaster with no media or publicity.  To add to the tension, one of the contestants is writing a tell-all book about the seamy side of competitive pie baking. Making matters even worse, just hours before the competition begins, the pie judge goes missing. Has he been murdered?  And what about a missing celebrity baker? With an ample serving of motive and all the right ingredients for murder, this is the perfect “dessert theater” recipe for big laughs, lots of wordplay, outrageous characters, and hilarious audience participation.

Cast rehearsing:


Phoebe Muffet, editor of the local newspaper                Dorothy Shull
Minaret Towers, Phoebe’s best friend                                   Beth Saufler
Felicity Hubbard, pie contest coordinator, all business    Karyn Diamond
Mark Tucker, Felicity’s high-strung assistant                        David Wallace
Rex Roberts, actor                                                                      Nate Levesque
Julia Lyle, pie-baking legend                                                      Shirley Bernier
Eve Simone, contest’s youngest baker, eager to take Julia’s place   Nancy Kenneally
Roger Marble, handsome, stylish, and formerly in love with Eve    Jared Lennon
Guy Templeton, pie connoisseur and judge                                          Phil Chin

                    Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Denver, CO.


Thank you to our 2024 Season Sponsor:


And Thank You to our 2024 business are organizational supporters:

Mainely Hair, Harraseeket Information Systems, Maine Wicked Goods Mercantile, Wilbur’s of Maine Chocolate Confections, Freeport Physical Therapy, Portside Realty (Rita Armstrong), Greater Freeport Community Chorus, Maine Idyll Motor Court, The Bakeshop, Bow Street Market, Bath Savings Bank, Freeport Woman’s Club, State Farm Insurance (Catrina Milliman), Maine Senior Guide, Antiquities Refuge League, Zachau Construction, Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture and Environment, Meetinghouse Arts, Greater Freeport Community Chorus, Derosier’s, Pet Pantry, Gritty’s Brew Pub.


Our 2023 year:

2023 Season was great fun, from Murder on the Menu in May, to Love & Lobsters in August, to Radio in December.

WFCP Home Time Radio Hour, XVII– December, 2023

THANK YOU, one and all–Audience, Actors, Musicians, Directors, Tech Crew, Donors, Sponsors!

We had a great time on stage, and hope to see you again next year.

  Performances were Friday, Dec. 1 and Saturday, Dec. 2 at 7:30 pm and Sunday, Dec. 3 at 2 pm at Freeport Performing Arts Center, 30 Holbrook St.  Our 17th year! Go back with us to the golden age of Radio, 1940s-1970s.  Live Band and Songs of the era, Sketch Comedy and Mystery, wacky Acme products, incomparable Sound Effects.   Director: Linda Duarte.   Music Director: Marcia Gallagher
Cast: Maryellen Carew; Phil Chin; Johannah DeGrandpre; Sarah Grinder; Dave Hansen; Bernie Horowitz; Sam Hunneman; Nancy Kenneally; Don Labbe; Judy Lloyd; Andy Mass; Peter Nicoll; John Paterson; Kendall Penndorf; Mike Powers; Roey Reinen; Betsy Roper; Dorothy Shull; Jackie Stowell; Erica Swan; Bill Therriault; Joe Quinn; Marguerite Walker; David Wallace.  Band: Marcia Gallagher, Earl Bigelow, Josh Caron, Parker Kenyon.

 Radio 17 photos from rehearsal:



Love & Lobsters, by John Linscott, was on stage in August.  Thanks to all who attended, acted, sang, and volunteered.  This romantic musical comedy is about going away to find your way.  Laura Lawson, nightclub singer, leaves her conflicted life in Manhattan and hops on a tour bus to a small town in Maine, where she learns about love and lobsters!
We were excited to present this tribute in memory of John Linscott, author of book and music.   Shows were Fri/Sat/Sun, Aug 11-13 and 18-20.  Many thanks to his family for collaborating with us on this production.
Director:  Tammy Verreault        Music Director:  Marcia Gallagher       Choreographer: KC Andreu
CAST:   LAURA LAWSON: Melissa Allen; JOHN DOUGHTY: L. John Van Norden; MARK WICKHAM: Peter Nicoll; TOM:  John Paterson; WHIT: David Wallace; JACQUES: Mike Powers; MELBA: Karyn Diamond; DORA DOUGHTY: Jackie Stowell; LILLIAN: Shirley Bernier; MORRIS GOLDMAN: Phil Chin; AVA GLAZER: Betsy Roper; CARLA: Nancy Kenneally; KITTY: Kathleen Brainerd; VERA: Judy Lloyd; LOU: Catherine Carty-Wilbur   ENSEMBLE: Bea Estelle, Chris Skehan, Sparrow Wilbur, Paul Kane, Emy Abeln.    Producer: Judy Lloyd–jelloyd68@yahoo.com

Thank you to 2023 Season Sponsor: 

Kennebec Savings Bank     

Thanks to Derosier’s Pizza for donating several pizzas to the cast dinner on Sunday, August 6.  “Delicious!”  commented all the cast.  Thanks to Medical Home Care Services Inc. for donating a Lobster “Warmie” for a door prize (and you will see one of their rental products in use on stage!).

Thanks to our advertisers:
Bath Savings Bank, Mainely Hair, Wilbur’s Chocolates, Maine Wicked Goods Mercantile, Harraseeket Information Services, Maine Idyll Motor Court, Portside Real Estate (Rita Armstrong), Freeport Physical Therapy, Meetinghouse Arts, Wildflower Florist, Medical Home Care Services Inc., Norway Savings Bank, Freeport Hardware, Gritty’s Brew Pub, Zachau Construction, Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture, Balsam Realty, Freeport Oyster Bar, Bow Street Market, Maine Senior Guide, Antiquities Refuge League, Wescott Family, Lobster Cooker Grill & Sports Pub.




                               Audience Appreciation       —     The Cast Soaks it Up

                                           Murder on the Menu

Saturday, May 20, 2023, 6 pm sharp at the Freeport Community Center, 53 Depot St. 

Murder on the Menu– We had delicious dinner prepared by chef David Hansen and other volunteers, and watched the cast of real “characters” as they present a play with a little slapstick, a little wordplay, a little confusion, a few twists, and lots of fun.  Five winners figured out whodunit, why and how!    They won season tickets to Freeport Players’ 2023 plays.

Big thank you to 3 Robbers Pub, Bowdoinham, for assistance with food orders.

Supported by Mainely Hair, and Harrasseeket Information Services, and donations from Linda Bean’s Tavern.

Directed by Linda Duarte.  Cast: Henry Quintal, Kathleen Brainerd, Dorothy Shull, David Wallace, Andy Mass, Shirley Bernier, and Peter Nicoll.  Presented by arrangement with Pioneer Drama Services.

Judy Lloyd, Producer–  jelloyd68@yahoo.com



Connection, Creativity, & Conversation. 2023 Season!

Let’s re-connect as we come back from the pandemic.  The season features opportunities to socialize, converse, and create theater together. First up:  Murder mystery dinner theater.

May 20, Murder Mystery Dinner Theater–Murder on the Menu.   6 pm at Freeport Community Center, 53 Depot St. 

August 11-13, and 18-20 — Musical at Freeport Performing Arts Center

Love & Lobsters, summer musical by John Linscott (presented in his memory).  Romantic, comic, dramatic, and very musical.  Planned for August 11-13, and 18-20 at the Freeport Performing Arts Center, 30 Holbrook St.  (Photos from our 2015 presentation are below.)

December 1-3 — “Radio” at FPAC

WFCP Hometime Radio Hour XVII.  Our 17th annual variety show of comic sketches, live music with a band and singers, and the incomparable sound effects table, is our biggest fundraiser of the year, and always a big treat, presented on the first weekend of December, 1-3, at FPAC.


In Memoriam–John H. Linscott, 1929-2022


Scenes from John Linscott’s Love & Lobsters,

Freeport Players, 2015

   We remember and mourn John Linscott– jazz musician, composer, and all-around super person–and send our condolences to his family.  John was involved in many Radio shows as composer, member of the band, and source of inspiration.  He was part of the creative team that wrote and produced the idea of FP’s Radio show–with an announcer introducing sketch comedy and funny product ads (backed by hilarious sound effects Foley artists), taking turns with the “Hit Parade” music of the 1930s-1950s, sung and played by local vocalists and musicians.  The live band on stage was his natural habitat, and he provided music (playing the sax, clarinet,        ), arranged musical numbers, and wrote a theme song for Radio, used for many years: “Up With the Curtain.”    He wrote the musical, Love & Lobsters, which Freeport Players produced in 2015.  It was one our most popular shows ever.  We are pleased and grateful that John’s family has designated Freeport Players to receive memorial contributions.
 Please consider making a donation to the Players to support our efforts to sustain live theater in the greater Freeport area.  Donations may be made online by clicking the donation link below or by sending a check to Freeport Players, P.O. Box 483, Freeport, Maine 04032.

DONATE to Freeport Players — click here.  We appreciate your support!

Some of our Players share the following stories about John:
Johannah DeGrandpre–“During a dress rehearsal when Radio was performing exclusively the 1940’s and 1950’s songs and skits, I sang a song called “Dream” (When You’re Feeling Blue). It was an early time for me singing on stage and I was so nervous I would not do the lovely song justice. John found me during an intermission and explained that this was a popular song during wartime and when he heard it again he got teary-eyed remembering the times in his life when the song was popular and the sentiment it held for him. I too got teary-eyed at his story and we both agreed how powerful songs can be! He encouraged me like he did many others and I was so blessed to work with such a talented and passionate man of jazz. I will be raising a glass and singing the above song in his honor from now on!”
Ken Lloyd–“It was my pleasure to play music with John Linscott for 7 or 8 years when he was in his 80s.  He was incredibly creative, and to illustrate, my story is about him and me carpooling to a summer afternoon gig in Rockland where he spent the entire 90 minutes thumbing through his thick notebook of original songs, describing each style, singing the melody and reading with a grin the always smart and often funny lyrics.  It was a great ride.”
Joe Quinn– “A fun, kind, creative man.  We were lucky to have his company on the FPAC stage.  Now he’ll be teaching the stars to swing!”

DONATE to Freeport Players — click here.  We appreciate your support!

 Please consider making a donation to the Players to support our efforts to sustain live theater in the greater Freeport area.  Donations may be made online by clicking the donation link above or by sending a check to Freeport Players, PO Box 483, Freeport, Maine 04032.




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