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About this Summer's One-Act Showcase

This year's showcase features these quirky comedies.

  • "A Snowball's Chance In Hell", by Chelsea Cook
    Snowball, an angel, and Snafu, an out-of-favor demon, are in the reception area at hell's personnel offices to apply for the same job.
  • "The Afterlife Transit Office", by Megan Tripaldi
    Imagine the bureaucracy that confronts you when you cross over is very akin to the DMV. Tom, an agnostic, confounds Margot, the receptionist at the Afterlife Transit Office. Margot's dilemma: "You're listed as Agnostic. Sir, you don't have a final destination. If there is no place for you to go, I can't send you anywhere." And so the mind-bending discussion begins.
  • "My Scale is Lying to Me", by Scott Mullen
    Harried housewife Wanda tries to return a bathroom scale because she thinks it is lying to her. The truth will out, even if the bathroom scale has to deliver the news.
  • "Off The Bridal Path", by Elizabeth Guffey
    Middle-aged bridesmaids Nikki, Sarah and Jen have a little too much champagne and reveal secrets which could have an impact on the bride's future happiness. Should they tell her?
  • "Hush Money", by Michael Tooher
    Teen-aged kidnap victim Melody turns the tables on her inept captors Doug and Margaret and surprise guest Eduardo.
  • "Elwood's Last Job", by Elaine Ford
    Small-town loser Elwood robs the laundromat so he can escape his dead-end life in his dead-end town. His hostages? His third-grade teacher, a middle-aged divorcee, and a young pregnant woman...all of whom know Elwood too well.

NOTE for PARENTS: These plays were written for adults and may not be appropriate for young children. They should be fine for older teens (16+).

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