Auditions – Laughing Stock

Audition results for Laughing Stock are in! Congratulations Cast Members.

Character Breakdown

  • Gordon Page, artistic director, devoted to the Playhouse
  • Jack Morris, actor, green and eager to get his break
  • Mary Pierre, actress, all nerves and determined to please
  • Susannah Huntsmen, director, feminist intellectual
  • Tyler Taylor, actor, returning Player in search of his inner powers
  • Vernon Volker, actor, self-assured, seasoned pro, new to Players
  • Richfield Hawksley, actor, been with the Players forever
  • Daisy Coates, actress, dizzy, Players old-timer
  • Sarah McKay, stage manager, tipsy wisecracker
  • Craig Conlin, managing director, obsessive organizer, sometimes humorless, but ultimately endearing
  • Henry Mills, designer, longtime Player who speaks his mind
  • Karma Schneider, apprentice/stagehand 
  • Braun Oakes, apprentice/stagehand 
  • Ian Milliken, apprentice/stagehand 


Role Production Team Role
Adam Gary Normand Tyler Linda Duarte  Director
Andy Mass Ian TBA Stage Manger
Brandon Berg Jack Mark Brockway Set design, build
David Wallace Craig Jane Yurko Costumes
Doni Tamblyn Susannah Janie Downey Maxwell Costumes and Props
Karen Bombaro Mary Donna Costigan Producer
Kathleen Leopold Sarah Phil Chin Producer
L.John Van Nordon Gordon Chris DeFilipp Lighting design
Paul Kane Richfield Scott Whiting Sound design
Penny Davis-Dublin Daisy Caroline Lawrence Light Board Operator
Phil Chin Vernon Mark Sheldon Sound Board Operator
Rook Hine Henry
Stephen Hoyt Braun
Suzanne Astolfi Karma

Coming soon: Brigadoon on 6/23 and 6/24

Audition Prep: We will post prep suggestions the week of 5/13/2019.

The full-cast read-through will be on Saturday, 7/13 from 1-4:00. Rehearsals start on Monday, 7/15. Weekly rehearsals will run Sunday through Thursday, 7/15-8/29. Sunday rehearsals are 3-6:00. Evening rehearsals are 6-9:00 PM. Not all actors will be called on all days.

Brigadoon will be performed at the FPAC 8/30-9/15/2019. Friday and Saturday shows are at 7:30; Sunday shows are at 2:00.


Coming soon: Radio in September 2019

Audition Prep: We will post prep suggestions in August 2019

Timing is TBD!

Radio “15” will be performed at the FPAC Sparkle Weekend – 12/6-12/8/2019. Friday and Saturday shows are at 7:30; our Sunday show is at 2:00.

If you have questions about any of these shows, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Janie Downey Maxwell
Executive Director Freeport Players