Audition Results – Laughing Stock

Audition results for Laughing Stock are in!

Congratulations Cast Members

  • L. John Van Nordon: Gordon Page, artistic director, devoted to the Playhouse
  • Brandon Berg: Jack Morris, actor, green and eager to get his break
  • Karen Bombaro: Mary Pierre, actress, all nerves and determined to please
  • Doni Tamblyn: Susannah Huntsmen, director, feminist intellectual
  • Adam Gary Normand: Tyler Taylor, actor, returning Player in search of his inner powers
  • Philip Chin: Vernon Volker, actor, self-assured, seasoned pro, new to Players
  • Paul Kane: Richfield Hawksley, actor, been with the Players forever
  • Penny David-Dublin: Daisy Coates, actress, dizzy, Players old-timer
  • Kathleen Leopold: Sarah McKay, stage manager, tipsy wisecracker
  • David Wallace: Craig Conlin, managing director, obsessive organizer, sometimes humorless, but ultimately endearing
  • Rook Hines: Henry Mills, designer, longtime Player who speaks his mind
  • Suzanne Astolfi: Karma Schneider, apprentice/stagehand
  • Stephen Hoyt: Braun Oakes, apprentice/stagehand
  • Andy Mass: Ian Milliken, apprentice/stagehand

Production Team

  • Linda Duarte – Director
  • Donna Costigan – Producer
  • Phil Chin – Producer
  • Mark Brockway – Set Design/build
  • Chris Defilipp – Lighting Designer
  • Scott Whiting – Sound Designer
  • Jane Yurko – Costumes
  • Mary Lou Chin – Costumes
  • Janie Downey Maxwell – Props, Costumes
  • Caroline Lawrence – Light Board Operator
  • Mark Sheldon – Sound Board Operator